Strategic Vision Investment (“SVI”) is an investment company based in Hong Kong focused on investment opportunities with multiple return profiles ranging from 2 to 10 years. SVI’s long-term horizon and focus strategy aims to avoid short term noise and to gain a deeper understanding over consensus. SVI focuses its research efforts and capital on investment opportunities with high conviction through its stringent investment criteria and process. SVI’s portfolio construction aims to expand portfolio return and to mitigate large market down turn risk.

SVI previously known as BosValen Asset Management (BVAM), formed by Ken Xu in 2014. To better reflect the nature of our investment philosophy, we decide to rebrand our company name to Strategic Vision Investment (“SVI”). This new brand name highlight our key strength: our strategic vision to identify the high quality investment opportunity for very long term.


CIO - Ken Xu

Ken has 19 years of investment management and analysis experience specializing in Asian equity markets.
Before BosValen, Ken was Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Point 72, f/k/a SAC Capital from February 2011 to May 2014. 
Prior to S.A.C Capital Ken was a Managing Director and Co-head of Greater China at Och-Ziff Asia where he worked from October 2006 to October 2010.

From 2004 to 2006 he worked for Goldman Sachs (Asia) as a member of the Asian Special Situations Group (ASSG) and the Global Investment Research Department. 

Prior to Goldman Sachs, Ken worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers (Arthur Andersen) in the corporate finance division performing advisory services in Shanghai from 2001 to 2004.
Ken was born and educated in China graduating with a Bachelor of Management in Computerized Accounting from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2001. He has been a resident of Hong Kong since 2004.


Effective Investment Strategy

Stronger Value Multiple
Higher Conviction for Higher Certainty
Longer Term Horizon to Avoid Short Term Noise
More Focus Lead to Significant Advantage
Effective portfolio construction and hedging 
  • We have very stringent investment critiers and investment process to pick best of best opportunities with higher conviction and higher certainty for our returns. 

  • Our investment horizon is 2-10 years. We use longer term horizon to compound our return and importantly, avoid short term noise. Short term market volatilities and temporary issues are good opportunities for us to add to our high conviction holdings. Long term horizon also gain us advantage to avoid noise and discover long term winners.

  • We only select the best of the best investment oppotunies, we focus our research effort and capital on them. Our top 10-15 positition ususally account for vast majority of our exposure. Focus give us significant advantage to gain much deeper understanding over our peers. We usually discover great opporunties much earlier and have higher conviction in volatile markets.

  • Our effective portfolio construction and management skills expands portfolio return and also effectively mitigates large market down turn risk.

  • We focus on high quality companies with 2-10x value multiples in next 3-10 years, with target IRRs 25-35%.


Our Quest for Alpha

Asian Structural Opportuinities
Cross Sector Impact Analysis
Cross Country Impact Analysis
Out of the Box Thinkers
Thought Leaders
Business Operator Mindset
  • In-depth understanding of sectors and proprietary monitoring system to analyze industry structures.


  • We build and apply our knowledge across various industries and look to connect the dots to identify relationships/trends which others may have overlooked.


  • We build upon our deep understanding of multiple regions and apply this knowledge to identify new trends and relationships across regions.


  • We try to find differentiated hypotheses supported by evidence and logic, which tend to be contrarian to traditional consensus thinking.


  • We conduct extensive on the ground research, attributing extra effort to increased understanding.


  • We interact with thought leaders in business, academia and industry and aim to become thought leaders ourselves.


  • We aim to understand businesses from an operator’s mindset, for a more in-depth view than traditional financial mindset.

Walk the Extra Step

Firm Culture

Teamwork is at the heart of SVI culture.  We spend significant time mentoring and training new members to grow with us.

Investor Interest Alignment
Finding & Retaining Talent
  • We expect our team to maintain the highest ethical standards.

  • Teamwork is the foundation to our success. While individual creativity is always encouraged, team effort produces the best results. 

  • Our investors are our partners and their interests always come first. We believe we should protect and seek to deliver superior return for our investors, our own success will follow.

  • We are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws, rules and ethical principles that govern us. 

  • Identify, Quantify, Mitigate unwanted risks. Capital preservation and long-term return override short term interests.

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated. We are respectful, fair, and helpful to our people and our business partners. 

  • We are dedicated to continuously improving our investment process and skills. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work but believe there are always areas of improvement.  We constantly review, analyze and seek to improve our investment process. 

  • Commitment to attracting and retaining talented individuals through competitive incentives and a strong team culture.

  • Charity, conservation and education make our lives more fulfilling. Team members are encouraged to give back to society.

  • We believe it is much more productive to face mistakes and problems together. We analyze the problem and discuss how we can improve. 

Business Operator Mindset

Current Opportunities

We are constantly seeking great talent.

However, we have no current openings at this time.



Office Location

Strategic Vision Investment Limited

Room 1934-1935, Level 19,

Two International Finance Centre, 

8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong



General matters: admin@svifunds.net

Investor relations: ir@svifunds.net

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